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Mastering Life’s Challenges

Do you really want a better life? We all dream of a better life; more money, exotic vacations, notoriety and thousands of other wonderful dreams. But what are we doing right now to accomplish our dreams? Wishing, hoping and fantasizing are not enough to make our dreams come true. We must create a plan and take action to actualize the plan.

Sometimes people are just ‘lucky’. They hit the jackpot or win the lottery. But how many ‘lucky winners’ sustain their wealth for the long-term? Often they end worse than they started. Life was never designed to be an ‘easy ride’. We all possess inherent creative abilities which when activated help us to resolve our ‘tough’ situations. It’s in the crucible of fire that we extract our true creative potential. Consequently we grow, mature and learn how to overcome situations using creative ‘brain’ strategies.

When I meet a potential Java Hope candidate during the first interview, I ask her about her challenges and how she is responding to them. She cites some basic problems (money, employment, children and boyfriend). I listen intently waiting for the ‘aha’ response. If she does not mention the Java Hope program, I know she will drop out of the program. She has merely ‘shopping’ the program and has no verifiable goals for her life. Successful Java Hope candidates always cite the program as their opportunity to realize their dreams. They talk incessantly of their dreams and how Java Hope crystalizes their plan.

There are many opportunities available for each of us seeking a better life. If we are committed to overcome our barriers and achieve our dream, our creative brain collaboratively works with us to make our dream a reality.

We are the only barrier to achieving our dreams. There is always a way if we are willing to do the do the work and make it happen.

So what are you waiting for?

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Marginalized News Commentary for Changemakers

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Marginalized News Commentary for Changemakers

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Marginalized News Commentary for Changemakers


Marginalized News Commentary for Changemakers

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